1. Sales and Marketing
    TEG excels at all levels of the sales process. From product and package design, customer and end user assessment, presentations, point of purchase materials and marketing campaigns. We will get you the appointments, make the sale and manage the entire process from beginning to end. We can assist with web design and maintenance as well as your social media presence. Additionally, once the business is secured, TEG can handle the setup and management of all of your back office infrastructure, such as EDI, PCM, Edgenet and other customer required services.
  2. Operations Management
    As experienced Operations professionals, we can be instrumental in maximizing your efficiencies and lowering your unit costs in every way. We will find and correct your process pinch points. From raw material sourcing, equipment selection and negotiation, facility layout, yard flow, recruiting, staffing and training, we excel in many other areas of your manufacturing process. In addition to the above areas we can help you in, we are experts in logistics, having sourced and dispatched several hundred thousand truckloads throughout our careers. We know trucking! Remember that the sales don't happen if your product doesn't ship.
  3. Finance
    Whether you have need of a full blown CFO or just some tweaking to your internal reporting, TEG has the experience and know how to make sure that your numbers are meaningful and more importantly, correct. From financial systems selection and implementation, dashboard creation and analysis, banking relationship oversight, we can help. TEG partners have had full P & L ownership experience and know what it means to deliver accurate, timely reporting, as well as a clear understanding what the numbers mean and why .
  4. Admin and IT
    TEG partners have built companies from concept to over $100 million in revenue. We can help with putting policies and procedures in place so your business can mange the growth without chaos. We handle staffing, recruitment, salary and payroll responsibility, as well as your compliance and HR functions. TEG can build up existing departments, or create a new infrastructure for emerging entities. In addition, TEG is able to help with facilities site selection, lease negotiations and other areas of putting in new offices. With our varied experience, we can evaluate your current IT setup and make recommendations for improvement. Data management, software and hardware analysis, systems upgrades and much more.