Steve Liffers
Steve Liffers is the founder and a partner of The Edaphos Group. Having spent his career in Lawn and Garden, he has held a variety of senior management positions including President of Coastal Supply Company and SVP of Harvest Consumer Products. Steve is a leading expert in packaged and bulk consumer products sold at the professional,  retail and commercial levels, with an emphasis on growing media, mulch, decorative rock and organic fertilizers. He is a former three term President of the Mulch and Soil Council, the lawn and garden industry’s trade organization. Steve graduated from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA with a BA in International Relations and holds patents in the horticultural plastic container industry.
Jeff Jackson
Jeff Jackson is a partner of The Edaphos Group.  Jeff has spent his career in a wide range of dynamic roles including Vice President of Sales, Director of Merchandising, Logistic Manager, IT Systems Engineering, Store Manager and Valuation.  With this rare range of experience, Jeff has the ability to help companies in many different functional areas and a understanding of how they integrate together.  Jeff has worked for many leading companies during his career, including Accenture, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Disney World, CSX Transportation, and Harvest.  Jeff graduated from University of Florida  in Gainesville, FL with a BS in Industrial and System Engineering.