The Edaphos Group Is Ready to Take you Higher
The Edaphos Group is a consulting group that offers efficient, innovative solutions to all components of your business. While focusing on Consumer Products placement at retail, we offer expertise in Operations, Finance, Manufacturing, Sales, IT, Marketing, Administration and Customer Service.

We work with small to medium-sized, emerging or established companies on their product development, packaging, key account development, presentations, and senior management. Once we get you the business, we can manage all of the backroom processes from EDI, PCM, Edgenet and more.

We save your company money by putting you in the position to completely outsource your entire sales and marketing functions, as well as complete sectors of Finance, Operations, IT and Administration.  Once engaged, the Edaphos Group will agressively push your business trajectory forward and upward.
Why do we exist?
The purpose behind the formation of The Edaphos Group (TEG) is to provide our client companies with access to world-class expertise, advice and leadership for the Lawn and Garden industry.

TEG brings decades of operations, sales, marketing, finance, IT and administrative experience and excellence to manufacturers and companies looking to become the best in class, as well as retail, professional and commercial product placement.

We are, quite simply, the best at what we do. We provide cost effective solutions for your senior management staffing by allowing you to outsource those functions.    
What Type of expertise and services are offered?
⧫ P & L Ownership ⧫ Integrations 
⧫ Contract Manufacturing
⧫ Branding ⧫ Recruiting 
⧫ Acquisitions ⧫ Strategic Planning
⧫ Logistics ⧫ Forecasting  
⧫ Domestic & Int’l Sales 
⧫ Employee Development
⧫ Finance Banking Relationships
⧫ Growing Media
⧫ Turnarounds ⧫ Advertising ⧫ PCM ⧫ IT ⧫ R&D ⧫ EDI
⧫ Channel Management ⧫ Customer Service ⧫ Manufacturing ⧫ Packaging
⧫ Supply Chain ⧫ Sourcing
⧫ Packaging Organic ⧫ Fertilizers ⧫ Trade Shows